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1985- Completed a B.ED in Art & Design at University of Hertfordshire.

1992-  Diploma in printmaking at UCL, London

1985-1998- Teaching career in Art & Design in Secondary and Tertiary education.

1989 -First exhibition at London Art Fair, Kings Rd, works goes to Sweden, Norway and UK.

I continued to make work throughout my teaching career and sold to private clients and worked to commissions.

1998-2009- Was a period of travel, Art residencies and working as a full time artist. My travels and exhibitions first took me to Lithuania on a European symposium with exhibition. Joint exhibition in Kaunas. I made extra large paper casts from the swaths of tarmac and the marks it had left directly from the terrace of the studio

1999 I travelled to Italy and spent 3 months at Centro Arte Dedalo in Pienza where I learnt to work in Fresco and studied the ceilings in the Pitti Palazzo in Florence, high up on scaffolding.  During this period I gained an arts council award which took me to Tuscany once again to study contemporary fresco.


I returned to Cento Arte Dedalo as a tutor where I taught Icon painting with egg tempera in a deconsecrated convent in Luca and a contemporary workshop in gesso and oils in the hills just outside Siena. I spent a month in Sicily on a residency with Arte Utile which culminated with an exhibition in Trapani.

I also began a long and fruitful association with Fenny Street Gallery in Milton Keynes and Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, London . Karen repeatedly exhibited my work at London art fairs, including AAF Battersea and Art on Paper. 

Karen Taylor also took my work to Edinburgh art fair and European destinations such as Cannes and Santa Monica on the Italian Riviera.


Karen also gained commissions for me, In particular Lawyer firms in the city.

I sold regularly through Fenny St gallery until it closed its doors after 21 years of trading.

2009- A return to teaching for 6 yrs where I taught fine art and collaborated on large theatre sets, enjoying the experience of everything that teaching can bring. 

2012- A year of Art residencies and a focus on developing new work.

 4 weeks on Portland Chesil Beach, Dorset, UK, 

6 weeks in Venice at Venice Printmaking, working on extra large scale etching beds, producing mono prints and woodcuts, with bookmaking. 

3 months in Florence at Il Palmerino, with a Joint exhibition and book launch “500 yrs of women making art in Florence’ I exhibited an artists book “notes on a landscape’ and a series of works on paper in graphite, mixed media and gold leaf. 

The book remains at Il Palmerino where other artists have referenced it whilst working there, The book was also included in a film /documentary on the life of the poet  Vernon Lee who had lived there.

2015- Leave teaching to focus on producing my own work and run workshops as ‘Albany Art House’ from my studio.

2018- Joined  Wychwood Art  

2019 Autumn Affordable Art Fair March, Battersea. With Wychwood Art.

2019 August: Summer Exhibition at Daryll Nantais Gallery, Cambridge.

2019 September: Fresh Art Fair, with Daryll Natais Gallery

2019 Joined Noonpowell Gallery, London

2020 Cancelled Art Fairs /Covid: Fresh Art with Darryl Nantais Gallery

                                                  Affordable Art Fair Hampstead with Noon Powell Gallery

                                                   The Other Art Fair Saatchi Spring Fair. London.

2020 Summer online exhibitions with Darryl Nantais and Noon Powell Gallery

2020 Summer: Joined Driftwood Contemporary and exhibited works in their galleries in Cornwall and Devon.

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